Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua is an effective and easy-to-learn method.
Regardless of ages or background, as long as you are capable of walking, you can learn Energy Bagua.
Practice Venue and Environment

Energy Bagua integrates motion and calmness. The exercise is neither as intense as jogging, basketball, or other high impact exercises, nor as calm as sitting meditation. There is no need for a large space to practice Energy Bagua. Generally speaking, practicing Energy Bagua outdoors, in a natural open environment is the best choice. In the fresh air of Nature, it’s a wonderful thing to experience the summer heat and winter cold, to feel the relaxation of body and mind, and to integrate with Nature.

If there is environmental limitation or unfavorable weather conditions such as a storm or heavy rain, it’s fine to walk Energy Bagua indoors. A flat floor, comfortable temperature, and good sound effects, etc., guarantees a good venue for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

Clothing and Accessories


When walking Energy Bagua, it’s better to wear loose-fitting, comfortable, breathable clothes that are made from natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. A high-tech, quick-drying fabric is also suitable for Energy Bagua, especially in tropical regions.

Shoes and Socks

It depends on where you walk Energy Bagua. For example, in tropical regions, indoor floors are clean and warm, so you can walk Energy Bagua barefoot. However, if you feel the cold under your feet, or you walk outdoors, it’s best to wear breathable sport shoes to walk Energy Bagua.

Energy Bagua Belt

When you practice Energy Bagua, we recommend the Energy Bagua belt. This helps you feel the “Energy flowing into your lower abdomen”. It also helps to rapidly replenish your vital energy, and is especially suited for those with weak abdominal muscles or a “pot belly”. Wearing an Energy Bagua belt helps you lose weight and reduce your waist size. It also helps reduce your appetite, reduce the excess fat in your belly, and tone your abdominal muscles.

It should be noted that when wearing the Energy Bagua belt, the elastic should be adjusted appropriately. It should not be too tight.

Diet and Practice Time

During the period of practice, your food intake should be balanced. You should not be too full or too hungry.  It’s best to get up early to walk Energy Bagua. If you’re not particularly hungry, try not to eat breakfast before practice. Walking Energy Bagua on an empty stomach is the easiest way to develop your potential. If you can’t walk Energy Bagua on an empty stomach, then practice at least one hour after a meal, as this is best. Don’t walk Energy Bagua when you’ve just finished eating or when you are very full.

During the period of practice, control the amount of food intake. It’s best to eat until 70% full. Try to eat easy-to-digest, non-greasy, light meals. It’s also possible to appropriately add foods with high water content to your diet, such as celery, lettuce, cucumber, apples, watermelon, grapefruit and sweet potato, which can help with the elimination process.

If, when walking Energy Bagua, your blood sugar level drops, eat a candy or drink some sugary water.

State of Mind While Practicing

Relaxed and Natural, Pure and Simple

While practicing Energy Bagua, your body should be relaxed, the mind should be steady, and thoughts should be light. Eyes are clear and gentle, communicating with the tree. The mind is peaceful and natural. Eyes look through the fingers at the tree, undistracted by anything around you. By simply circling the tree, you enter into a state of ease and purity. Walking Energy Bagua accompanied with the Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide CD is a good way to help relax your body and mind, and enter into a profound state of cultivation.

Harmony and Unity, Full of Energy

While practicing Energy Bagua, pay attention to the “inner triad” and the “outer triad”. “Inner triad” means the union of spirit and mind, mind and qi, qi and strength. The “outer triad” is the coordination of arms and legs, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips. The entire body movements are coordinated and in sync. Qi settles down into the lower abdomen; qi flows into the four tips; toes grip the ground; guide qi towards head and feet; energy fills the whole body. The mind is calm and peaceful; the body and mind are harmonized and unified; breathing is even and natural; blood circulation is smooth and unhindered; the pulse beats in a regular rhythm; body and mind are relaxed and at ease; energy fills the whole body.