Energy Bagua

After walking for 108 days, my blood sugar level dropped from 129 to 109, and my weight dropped from 190 pounds to 170 pounds!
Joshua Rosen
Silicon Valley, USA
After 2 months of practicing, my myodesopsia disappeared and I can now see clearly. As well, my menstrual cycle returned to normal.
Min Cen
Klang, Malaysia
After walking for just 2 days, I was sweating. After one year of persistent practice, my constipation and flatulence disappeared.
Xiang Ju
Johor, Malaysia
Decades of rhinitis improved, as did my gastrointestinal function. My weak body has become more and more powerful.
Zhen Wan
Busan, South Korea
Walking Energy Bagua has improved my figure. My body has slimmed down, and every day I’m full of energy.
Jianxiong Feng
Vacounver, Cananda
I “walked” away from the torment of diabetes, insomnia and constipation. I am full of energy every day.
Xuerong Lin
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
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