Energy Bagua

金菩提八卦内功 Master JinBodhi Energy Bagua
The first beneficiary of Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi was weak and sick as a child. After moving to Qinghai with his parents, his health condition deteriorated, and he constantly was sick. His parents searched everywhere for a remedy, trying many “secret formula” ointments and herbal medicine soups, none of which were effective. When he was a teenager, he met Grandmaster Ren and learned Energy Bagua from him.

Energy Bagua is not a form of martial arts, but an exercise to maintain health. Through diligent practice, Grandmaster JinBodhi slowly obtained more energy and drastically improved his health. At that time, in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, winters often reached below minus 15 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit). When Grandmaster JinBodhi practiced Energy Bagua in winter, he wore a thin piece of clothing, but felt very hot, his whole body filled with energy. Through long-term practice, his health was restored and he learned the essence of Energy Bagua: The balance of Yin and Yang, the flow of energy, and a deeper understanding of life and the world.

Grandmaster JinBodhi improved his physical and spiritual energy by practicing Energy Bagua. He was the first to benefit from Energy Bagua.

金菩提禅师 八卦内功 Master JinBodhi
The Origins of Teaching Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi found many people who are troubled by diseases or are in a state of suboptimal health due to stress and pressure. These diseases are not only physiological but also psychological. Especially in urban areas, a higher proportion of people suffer mental health issues.

People try their best to solve their health problems. In order to solve these problems, scientists are accelerating the development of various specialized drugs. But often, stronger drugs also have stronger side-effects. People are also slowly realizing that health problems cannot solely be solved by medicine. Many looks for a natural fitness regimen to prevent diseases and restore health.

In order to help people to eliminate pain in body and mind, the compassionate Grandmaster JinBodhi began to teach what he learned as a child to people who needed and liked it, with the hope that it would benefit everyone.

金菩提上师八卦 Master JinBodhi Energy Bagua
Energy Bagua gains popularity around the world

Energy Bagua is simple and easy to learn, but its significance is rich and profound as it cultivates the body and mind. After the introduction of Energy Bagua by Grandmaster JinBodhi, tens of millions of people have benefited. They gained health and comfort in body and soul. Many people say that after practicing Energy Bagua their sleep improved, they were no longer dizzy, blood pressure returned to normal, back pain disappeared, gynecological problems improved, etc. This simple and effective health and fitness method allowed busy people to lose weight, warm cold limbs, improve vitality, improve memory, delay aging, improve leg and foot functions, etc., in a fast, effective and practical approach. More importantly, Energy Bagua also guides people to be kind, compassionate and Universal love. As the practice deepens, they gradually let go of their greed, arrogance and selfishness. They learn to be humble, understand how to be grateful, and their mind becomes calm and free. The elevation of their mind and state of life also greatly improves, and they become more successful in all aspects of life and career.

Not hidden deep in the mountains, nor secluded in valleys; since Energy Bagua was taught in Vancouver, Canada, in 2006, Energy Bagua rapidly spread around the world. Beneficiaries spanned from plazas in New York to conference centers in Silicon Valley; from many parks in Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, to libraries in Vancouver, where you can often see Energy Bagua fans circling a tree.

金菩提上师八卦 Master JinBodhi
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