Can a person with paralysis practice Energy Bagua while being held up by others?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: Yes, they can. They can use a walking stick or have someone help them while circling. After a period, they will have to practice independently while being watched by others. If they can circle on their own, then they should not need further help in the future. I have seen someone in Malaysia practicing in a wheelchair; he was controlling the wheel with one hand and doing the dragon palm with the other hand. I heard that he is able to move without the wheelchair now. So, if you are facing serious mobility issues, try Energy Bagua. It will help your condition if you are willing to put effort into it.
  Can those who suffer from uterine prolapse, gastroptosis, slipped disc, or rectal prolapse practice Energy Bagua?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: Those who suffer from uterine prolapse, gastroptosis, slipped disc, or rectal prolapse are very welcome to try Energy Bagua. Over the years, we have had practitioners suffering from similar problems show promising results through regular practice.
  Can those who have back pain and slipped disc practice Energy Bagua?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: There is no effective conventional treatment for slipped disc at present. According to my observations, many people who suffered from slipped disc have been able to have their spine healed by practicing Energy Bagua. So, if you have been suffering from slipped disc, you are welcome to try Energy Bagua. In fact, Energy Bagua is effective at recovering our bone health.
  Can those who have severe varicose veins in their legs and feet practice Energy Bagua?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: Welcome. That reminds me of a doctor I helped 30 years ago who suffered severe varicose veins. Her doctor told her an amputation was the only solution. Her son heard about me and brought her to see me. I performed energy healing on her and taught her how to practice Energy Bagua. Her legs were dripping yellowish fluid and some parts of her legs had maggots on them. Imagine: She was a doctor yet unable to heal herself, despite trying various kinds of treatments. After giving her energy healing, I suggested she embrace Energy Bagua. After she had practiced for a month, the wounds on her legs had dried up and they were scabbing. Three months of practice later, new skin and flesh were forming, and she was so excited. So, I do not think there is an effective medicine for the treatment of varicose veins; I suggest you try Energy Bagua. Try it and you may receive unexpected results.
  What kind of diet should we follow to have better Energy Bagua practice effects?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: Follow a light diet and eat until you are just half full. Try to have meals which are light on oil, meat and eggs, and eat less fried and barbecued food. For best results, add sour foods to your daily meals, such as fermented vegetables or Korean kimchi. Also, boost your intake of fruits and vegetables. It is better to chew fruit rather than drink fruit juice, as the process of chewing is health-promoting.
  Can those who have pain, soreness, numbness, and bone spurs in their legs practice Energy Bagua?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: Practitioners of Energy Bagua suffer from all kinds of ailments. There are various reasons for pain in our legs. Some people suffer from muscle cramps, gout, bone spurs, and heel pain. Some also feel pain in their lower legs, knees or hips; the hip pain could be triggered by problems in the spine, sciatic nerve or head of the femur. There are also people who suffer from minor pain in their muscles, neck or head. Regardless of your problems, you are welcome to practice Energy Bagua. If the pain is too severe, take a five-minute break and then continue. Remember, persistence is key. The same goes for those with a frail body who experience shivering and shaking after practicing for a while. Take short breaks. If you put some effort into your meditation practice, you shall transform your fate and health.
  Where can I download the Energy Bagua Practice Music?
Grandmaster JinBodhi: You may download it at It can also be accessed from the Grandmaster JinBodhi mobile app. On the home page, click on Practice to enter the practice page, and then you will see Energy Bagua Practice Music as the first item. You can also access Energy Bagua Aerobics and Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide. To better immerse yourself in the vibrational power of Energy Bagua, practice Energy Bagua while watching the video provided by the Grandmaster App. Especially for beginners, following the practice video allows for ease of progress.
  Why do I feel dizzy when I change directions?

When you change directions, you change your habit of going forward in one direction. If you get dizzy as you turn, it’s an indication of very poor health. First, you may have insomnia. Second, you may have problems with blood pressure or your blood. When seniors walk in a straight line and their body tends to sway badly, this indicates a problem with their pituitary gland.

I hope that when you walk Energy Bagua, you pay attention to the ventilation. If air isn’t circulating in the room, or if it’s too hot or too stuffy, this may cause dizziness. If you feel dizzy, sit down and take a break, or take a sip of water, take a deep breath, or jump up and down a few times if it’s safe to do so.

If you persist in walking Energy Bagua for more than a month, the symptom of dizziness will usually dissipate, as you are becoming healthier. That is the way. Walking back and forth, and turning with ease, indicates that your heart, blood pressure and physical condition are already in a very good state.

  If someone’s hands and feet are always in a state of unhealthy warmness, could they practice Energy Bagua?

It is worth a try. During the practice of Energy Bagua, we alternate walking in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. It is a balance. Thus, we not only accumulate Yang energy, the energy of warmth, but also more comprehensive and balanced qi. The unhealthy warmness that you mentioned may change after walking Energy Bagua, because as we practice, negative energy will transform into positive energy. You are welcome to come and try.