Why do I feel dizzy when I change directions?

When you change directions, you change your habit of going forward in one direction. If you get dizzy as you turn, it’s an indication of very poor health. First, you may have insomnia. Second, you may have problems with blood pressure or your blood. When seniors walk in a straight line and their body tends to sway badly, this indicates a problem with their pituitary gland.

I hope that when you walk Energy Bagua, you pay attention to the ventilation. If air isn’t circulating in the room, or if it’s too hot or too stuffy, this may cause dizziness. If you feel dizzy, sit down and take a break, or take a sip of water, take a deep breath, or jump up and down a few times if it’s safe to do so.

If you persist in walking Energy Bagua for more than a month, the symptom of dizziness will usually dissipate, as you are becoming healthier. That is the way. Walking back and forth, and turning with ease, indicates that your heart, blood pressure and physical condition are already in a very good state.

  After having walked Energy Bagua for a while, I always feel I have insufficient qi, should I continue?

Whether you feel full of energy right now or feel inadequate qi, unless there are special health problems, I want to remind everyone that continuous practice is best, because at different stages of practice we often have different, or even opposite, feelings. For example, this period of time is particularly happy and energetic. After a while, you may feel sluggish, lack spirit, and not want to practice. These feelings can happen after practicing, so what should we do? Let me tell you the truth: "You should continue to practice diligently!" After a while, you will transcend the original feelings and have a stable state of peace and joy.

Different feelings arise at each stage. How to manage them? Persevere. Persevere in practice to be healthier, happier, wiser, and live longer.

  If someone’s hands and feet are always in a state of unhealthy warmness, could they practice Energy Bagua?

It is worth a try. During the practice of Energy Bagua, we alternate walking in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. It is a balance. Thus, we not only accumulate Yang energy, the energy of warmth, but also more comprehensive and balanced qi. The unhealthy warmness that you mentioned may change after walking Energy Bagua, because as we practice, negative energy will transform into positive energy. You are welcome to come and try.

  What is the meaning of the beginning and closing positions?

The beginning position is actually a self-reminder. Guide our thoughts to the limbs, torso and even the organs: "Now I’m beginning my practice. My mind and body are in a state of cultivation with a peaceful heart and peaceful mind." This process prepares every cell in our body.

For better cultivation, the beginning position may take a longer time, up to 5 minutes. Again and again, let the body and mind enter into a state of purity; adjust our breathing. The beginning position is extremely important. Once we reach a state of purity and harmony, and we become one with Nature, then as we begin to practice, our body and mind will be in perfect alignment.

The closing position is a process that harvests and absorbs energy. Without it, at least one-third of the energy acquired during practice is lost. When practicing the closing position, the environment is warm and nourishing. We close our eyes and stand for at least 5 minutes, quietly feeling the wonder of energy nourishing the body and mind, and experiencing the harmony between man and Heaven, Earth, sunshine, and Nature.

  Walking Energy Bagua at home by myself or in a group, which is better?

It’s better to practice at a location where people have practiced Energy Bagua together for a long period of time. The entire location has been immersed with energy, from the walls to the floor, including the surrounding plants and even fellow participants. This will help your practice so that you can quickly replenish energy and get healthy. It’s better than practicing alone at home. Besides, a lone practitioner may not be able to persist due to laziness, while in a group it’s much easier to keep practicing.

  I want to learn how to walk Energy Bagua, but there’s no Energy Bagua Wellness Centre or instructor nearby. What should I do?

Go online to the "CiBeiYin" website to get the " Energy Bagua Primary Teaching Guide" DVD, which talks about the key points of Energy Bagua. Just follow along and you’ll be fine. In addition, there’s also the "Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide" CD that includes my guidance.

As a beginner, it’s best not to exceed 1 hour of practice a day for the first week. In addition, the elderly might feel soreness in their legs if they practice for too long, thus it’s not recommended to practice Energy Bagua for more than 3 hours a day. This is the extent you need to observe.

  Can I put an artificial tree in my room to walk Energy Bagua?

In the past, I replaced the tree with a jug or a stick and walked Energy Bagua around either of those. What helps is not just the tree, but more importantly the method. Thus, when it’s impossible to have a real tree, occasionally you can use an artificial tree or other objects as a substitute.

Usually, in the city, even during cold winters, trees can grow indoors. You can buy a potted tree and place it in your house, just do not get a thorny tree. Some practitioners asked me: "My family has a tall cactus. It’s the only plant in my home. Can I put it in the center for Energy Bagua?" My suggestion is that it’s best not to get close to it, because if you accidentally touched it, you would be covered with little spines or you could hurt your eyes. That’s not good. Everything must be done for health and safety. That is to say, we should be always focused on people and safety first.

  I really enjoy the Energy Bagua music. Can I walk with my eyes closed?

No, you should not. First, it’s unsafe to walk with our eyes closed. What if we hit a wall? If we hit something sharp, we could hurt ourselves. Gentle music makes it easy to fall asleep even while walking. What if we fall and hurt ourselves after falling asleep? Second, I insist that you not sleep during Energy Bagua practice, therefore you cannot close your eyes.

  When walking Energy Bagua, how do you make energy “flow upward to your head and downward to your feet”?

In terms of “energy flows upward to your head and downward to your feet”, we must first talk about "qi" as in "qi settle in the lower abdomen". "Qi" refers to a general energy feeling, something hazy like fog, a cloud, or like the air we breathe. And faintly we feel or hope that it’s a flow of energy. When energy settles in our lower abdomen, and feels strong, at the same time, it passes through our body and then pushes upward. As to where inside our body the qi goes, just imagine our body as a bucket. The qi doesn't have to go through a specific channel or acupuncture point. Just follow the bucket to push upward until about three feet above the head. When we feel as if there is a plank blocking it, it’s there. No need to use a ruler because it doesn't have a fixed length, rather, it’s just energy generated through visualization.

What about "downward"? In the same way, imagine the body as a bucket. "Qi" passes through our body and legs. A strong energy penetrates our whole body and penetrates the ground to three feet below. Once our physical body has benefited, we will know that this visualization has worked.