Energy Bagua is a simple self-cultivation exercise for health and wellness. Simply walking around a tree with Grandmaster JinBodhi’s guided practice can yield great improvement in practitioners’ health and energy. Consistent Energy Bagua practice can strengthen your body, improve your mood, and help you realize peace and happiness; it can also help you understand the truths of the Universe, develop spiritual awareness, and live with wisdom.

Study Guide

In-Person Learning

7-Day Energy Bagua Elementary Class

A 7-day class guided by official Energy Bagua teachers. For 2.5 hours a day, learn proper Energy Bagua form and techniques, and receive one-on-one in-person guidance for the most effective results. Class is suitable for beginners and requires no experience. If you are looking to gain good health, we invite you to join!

Online Learning

6-Day Online Energy Bagua Class

Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches Energy Bagua online for the first time. This introductory class for beginners will build a solid foundation for your Energy Bagua cultivation and help you achieve health and longevity. This class is suitable for everyone who wishes to achieve a healthy and happy life.

Is Energy Bagua right for you?

  • ◎ Those who wish to elevate energy levels and live a healthier and longer life
  • ◎ Those who wish to replenish vital energy, boost immunity and be freed of suffering from illnesses
  • ◎ Those who wish to lose weight, improve complexion and body constitution, relieve back and leg pain and improve overall sub-optimal health
  • ◎ Those who wish to increase focus and concentration during study and work, improve mood, and experience peace and joy
  • ◎ Those who wish to learn traditional Eastern philosophy and wisdom, understand the truth of the Universe and the Way of Nature
  • ◎ Those who wish to improve flexibility, reflexes, memory, and intelligence
  • ◎ Those who wish to learn and elevate their level of Energy Bagua practice

Start Practicing Energy Bagua

Teaching Materials

Energy Bagua: The Secret Code of Life
Grandmaster JinBodhi Unlocks the Secret to the Tao of the Universe
Energy Bagua Primary Teaching Guide
Learn the Fundamentals of Energy Bagua

Begin your Energy Bagua journey here

Energy Bagua Preparation

Recommendations and requirements for environment, clothing, diet, and mindset.

Practice Accessories

Recommendations for Energy Bagua music, clothing and accessories.