Energy Bagua

Philosophy of Energy Bagua

In the beginning, Heaven and Earth were in an undefined, unclear state. This state of the Universe is called Taiji, which holds two oppositional forces, Yin and Yang. These forces create Bagua.

Yin and Yang are important concepts in Bagua philosophy. They are the driving forces in evolution and the arising and disappearing of everything. They play an essential part in human health and life activities.

Understanding Yin and Yang and attuning our bodies to Nature is beneficial to your health.
Yin and Yang contain Heaven and Earth, fire and water, day and night, cold and warm, big and small, fast and slow, rich and poor, happy and sad, inside and outside, existence and non-existence, male and female, gain and loss, life and death, beautiful and ugly, light and heavy, up and down, black and white, clear and muddy, virtual and reality. There is Yang inside Yin and Yin inside Yang. Yin and Yang are oppositional yet harmonious and, like negative and positive, victory and defeat, one cannot exist without the other.

Yin and Yang exist in your mind as well and affect your fate in this lifetime.

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Origin of Energy Bagua

Dao (Tao) permeates Energy Bagua, the Dao of Yin and Yang, of energy, of life, of compassion. One is relaxed and natural. One melts into Heaven, Earth and Nature, and loves everything that is.

Energy Bagua originated from ancient times and was used by Chinese Taoists cultivators. Grandmaster Ren taught this method to a young Grandmaster JinBodhi to strengthen his physical health and inspire his spiritual mind.

Grandmaster Ren’s attainment in Taoism was advanced, and he had a very long life. Even when he was old, he could still carry heavy objects without any difficulty. He taught Energy Bagua to the young Grandmaster JinBodhi who in turn taught it to many others. When people comprehend the practice of Energy Bagua, they gain health, life energy, confidence, inspiration, and beauty – inside and out.

Features of Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua is a simple and easy-to-learn exercise. It consists of simple movements which include walking around a tree, turning, and changing hand postures, which makes it suitable for people of all ages.

Energy Bagua integrates motion and stillness. The practice is neither as intense as jogging, basketball, or other high impact exercises, nor as calm as sitting meditation. The basic environment for practice is convenient and simple, as the space does not need to be large, just big enough for the practitioner to exercise. Although the movements are simple and easy to learn, the benefits are obvious and fast. In a short period of practice, one can quickly replenish vitality, improve immunity, lose weight, improve a cold constitution, relieve leg and foot pain, etc. Energy Bagua improves both physical and psychological health and is the perfect fit for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Energy Bagua is a practice that relies on the legs. The fundamental skill is walking in circles, similar to the celestial movements of the sun, moon, Earth and other planets.

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Practice Benefits

In the process of practicing Energy Bagua, we receive energy from Heaven and Earth. We take in the essence of Nature. We respect the heavens and love all people so that we are in harmony with Nature.

The practice of Energy Bagua is the process of energy transformation, which continuously strengthens the body and enhances immunity. During the process of walking Energy Bagua, the body can automatically absorb, adjust and balance energy. Through self-regulation, self-distribution and self-balancing of energy in the body, the body can restore its own health.

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