Zhu Yanmei | New York, USA

Prolonged absence of menstruation

Hello, I am Zhu Yanmei from New York. This year [2022], I am 48 years old.

In 2019, my menstruation stopped. I went to the doctor for a physical examination. He said, “You want to menstruate, right? Then take menstruation-inducing medicine.” But I had taken that medicine a long time ago, and it resulted in continuous menstrual bleeding, so I didn’t take the doctor’s advice.

Cold hands and feet

Before I started practicing Energy Bagua, my hands and feet were very cold. I work in the service industry, and many customers like shaking hands with me. I felt very embarrassed because my hands were as cold as ice. Shaking my hand, people would ask, “Why are your hands so cold?” I excused myself by saying that I had just washed my hands.

Practice Energy Bagua for 3 days, the menstruation came

In September 2020, by chance, I attended an Energy Bagua Retreat. I paid attention to the teacher and practiced seriously. On day 3, I amazingly found that I had started menstruating, which had not happened for more than a year. I was thrilled at that time. Therefore, except for times of extreme weather, I have practiced outdoors every day since then. My menstruation has come on time every month. It is not a problem for me now.

Practice Energy Bagua to improve the problem of cold hands and feet

After a few months of practice, I went to get groceries with a friend. She picked some vegetables with me and suddenly touched my hand. She asked why my hands were so warm even in the cooler room of the market. She had cold hands in there. Then I realized that the coldness of my body, hands and feet had disappeared. My body is warm.

After 1 year of practice Energy Bagua, lose 10 kg

Before I started practicing Energy Bagua in 2019, I weighed 177 pounds. I have practiced Energy Bagua for more than a year now. My weight has dropped from 177 pounds to 156 pounds. I have lost 21 pounds. Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Energy Bagua has given me good health and a beautiful figure. I am very grateful to our beloved master. Thank you, Master.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)