Hsiao Xianyu | Chiayi, Taiwan

My name is Hsiao, and I am from Chiayi, Taiwan. I am 73 years old. My insomnia was quite severe, and it lasted about 10 years. I rarely slept at night; my eyes just stayed wide open. I listened to cars driving by and dogs barking. I even caught a thief at night, too. Sleeping pills did put me to sleep, but they made me dizzy during the day, making it dangerous to drive the next day. I took sleeping pills for one to two years until my wife stopped me. She said the pills did more harm than good, so I stopped taking them. I couldn’t sleep without my pills, so I didn’t know what to do. As a dump truck driver, I relied on coffee to stay awake, but too much coffee caused my heart to beat rapidly and I’d have to stop drinking coffee for a few days until my heartbeat returned to normal.

In 2021, my wife saw someone practicing Energy Bagua at the park. The next day, she brought me to join the practice session. I was quite serious and practiced in the morning and afternoon. Three months later, I noticed some changes: I fell asleep easier, and also slept longer from two to three, four, and five hours. I felt sleepy after 9 pm, which was something I’d never experienced before. Now, I go to bed even when the TV is on. It’s easy to fall asleep when I get into bed, and I don’t hear sounds anymore when I sleep. I sleep about six to seven hours a night. I don’t need coffee to stay awake while I drive. Now, I can even drive to Taipei and Tainan. I go everywhere.

Floaters troubled me for about 20 years. I took all kinds of medication but they were useless, so I stopped taking them. My floaters became more serious in that I saw them all the time. After practicing Energy Bagua for a year, the problem was relieved. Now I don’t see any floaters.

Energy Bagua really has improved my health; I am feeling healthier now. I am grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for Energy Bagua, which helps us regain our health!

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)