Wong Caifeng | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

20 Years of Insomnia Led to Neurasthenia

My name is Wong Caifeng, and I am 71 years old. I used to have many health issues, one of which was insomnia. I had trouble falling asleep day or night; once I did, I was easily awakened, leaving me with only one or two hours of sleep a night. I saw several doctors; one of them said I had neurasthenia, and another said I was depressed. I had been using sedatives and sleeping pills for over 20 years, but even with the pills, I still couldn’t sleep for many hours.

Dizziness due to Fluid Imbalance in Ears

I got Meniere’s Disease in my 40s. Once when I woke up, I was so dizzy that I couldn’t look down or up. And I couldn’t sleep during the day or at night. The TCM doctors told me that it was a symptom of fluid imbalance in my ears.

Insomnia, Dizziness, and Depression Disappeared after Three Months of Practicing Energy Bagua

I found out about Energy Bagua by accident in June 2016. After practicing for about three months, I noticed some changes taking place, so I kept practicing without fail. After that, I no longer felt dizzy, and I could sleep through the night without medication for six to seven hours. Additionally, I no longer felt depressed.

Physically and Mentally Healthier Thanks to Energy Bagua

Thanks to practicing Energy Bagua, everything about me has changed. Not only have I got healthier, but my mood has also improved. My children are happy to see my improved condition. In the past five years, I haven’t seen a doctor, and I am very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)