Maggie | Los Angeles, USA

I am from Los Angeles, USA. I work in business consulting.

7 years ago, I was in Las Vegas for a conference. During the conference, I accidentally slipped and fell down the stairs. I landed on every single step before finally sliding onto the ground. There were more than 10 steps. I was completely stunned at that moment, and didn’t feel any pain. So I continued to attend the conference. That night, I couldn’t move at all. I couldn’t move anything below my waist.

The following day, I hurried to the doctor. The doctor gave me an x-ray. He said my tailbone fractured, severely damaging the sciatic nerves. He gave me painkillers and recommended physiotherapy. But unfortunately, he didn’t have any cure. I had several courses of treatment, but they didn’t help. The pain was still there. I tried acupuncture, Chinese and western methods, everything. The doctor said, “Well, there is no cure. I can only designate you as disabled, for your convenience.” I was very emotional when I hung the disability sign on my car. I will be disabled all my life, and this is the end.

My friend introduced me to Bodhi Meditation. Luckily, there is an Energy Bagua practice point at the Schabarum Park nearby. So I practiced Energy Bagua there every day. At first, I felt pain when I walked. My legs, my knees, a lot of places hurt. I could barely walk 1 or 2 circles before taking a break. But I persist in practicing Energy Bagua every day.

After a month or two, I felt my leg pain vanishing and I could lift my legs. Before, I couldn’t even lift my legs to put on pants. I had to put them on while sitting down. My legs hurt even when I was lying down. After practicing for 3-4 months, it hurt less when I slept, and I didn’t take painkillers. After 6 months, I can walk normally for an hour without any pain. It is hard to believe that my disability healed in just 6 months. I am so happy.

I also have seasonal allergies. Every spring, I would be sneezing and crying. So I had an allergy test. The doctor said that I am allergic to over 100 allergens — including trees, soil, and things in the air. There is no cure, and I can only take medicine. But the medication also brings a lot of side effects. The allergy medicine gives me headaches and insomnia. It was really painful. I always carried a lot of tissues to blow my nose or wipe tears. It affected my life. After practicing Energy Bagua, I have no symptoms when spring comes. Now that my allergy is gone, I can go to flower fields with my friends. I can go hiking, and enjoy other outdoor activities.

Before, I was always very nervous to see my blood test results. Many health indicators were outside the normal range. My fatty liver indicators were in the 70 – 80 range. I was worried that this fatty liver issue might progress into liver cancer. So, I went to see a doctor. The doctor just recommended weight loss as there is no medication for it. I was excited with this test report. The indicators reduced from 70 – 80 to 20 – 30. I am so happy! This is another amazement from practicing Energy Bagua. I don’t have fatty liver issues anymore. I have also lost 7 – 8 pounds.

I have many benefits from practicing Energy Bagua. I am sincerely grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching such an excellent method. Thank you, Grandmaster.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)