Energy Bagua 100-Day Foundation

The Grandmaster App has launched a new meditation goal tracker – “Energy Bagua 100-Day Foundation” – to help you persist in practicing and achieve health and longevity!

Download the Grandmaster App and bring it along on your meditation journey.

★ 5 Reasons to start your “Energy Bagua 100-Day Foundation:”

    1. Save notes about your daily practice experiences.
    2. Be clear about your goals and stay motivated.
    3. Earn medals by completing each stage, plus blessings and encouragement from Grandmaster JinBodhi.
    4. Unlock mystery treasure chests when you practice for 300, 600, and 1000 days.
    5. Review your physical, mental, and spiritual progress along your meditation journey.

What are you waiting for? Start today!

★ 5 Simple Steps

Step 1:Open the Grandmaster App.

Step 2:Click “Energy Bagua: 100-Day Foundation (I)” to start.

Step 3:Click “Start Goal and Track Progress” to record your health condition/status, and then click “Save.”


Step 4:After completing your daily practice, click “Record for Today”.

Step 5:Click on “Your thoughts…” to record your practice experience, then click “Save.”


Join up with Energy Bagua practitioners worldwide and practice together for better health and a more fulfilling life!


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