Susan Koo | Los Angeles, USA

Rheumatoid Arthritis Made Her Suffer

My name is Susan Koo. About 10 years ago, I started to feel pain all over my body. My muscles and joints were swollen. The TCM doctor said it was because of my overactive immune system, and the specialist told me I had severe rheumatoid arthritis. My fingers, shoulders and back were swollen. It was so bad that I was in constant pain and couldn’t sleep well at night. Later, I took medication to pacify my hyperactive immune system, and the progression of my arthritis and finger deformation slowed down. However, my health continued to deteriorate. Then, my mother passed away, and my deep sadness worsened my overall condition.


Sleep Improved on The Third Day of Energy Bagua Practice

My husband often reminded me to exercise, so I began to practice Energy Bagua in the park. Unexpectedly, on the third night after the practice, I could sleep five hours. Before that, I could only sleep three hours at most. Since then, I sleep for six to seven hours, and sometimes even eight hours a night.


Neck Stiffness Improved, Glowing Complexion

Before, my belly was so big that it affected my breathing, and I looked pale. Now, my belly is only half as big as it was, my face is ruddy, and I feel energetic. Also, I could only look forward like a bird because of neck stiffness; I couldn’t turn my head. I even needed my husband’s help to comb my hair, and I could not dress myself. When the arthritis was at its worst, my fingers were all swollen, and some parts of my skin became bruised black. After practicing Energy Bagua for a few months, all these problems disappeared. Now my body is more flexible, and I can move freely. I used to need a long time to walk a short distance. Now I can walk very fast.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Significantly Improved

I am very happy and grateful that Energy Bagua has given me such incredible health results. This practice is really good, and I will keep it up.


(Note: The effects of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)