Hope Out of Despair

Prior to taking Energy Bagua classes, I was struggling with multiple illnesses to the extent that my doctors had given up on any possible cure for me. Now, I am living proof that Energy Bagua is an effective form of natural therapy.

During the 20 years since my university days, I worked and studied for around 20 hours daily. When I was 35, I collapsed during work. After that, my condition deteriorated tremendously. Later on, I developed serious gout, was diagnosed with diabetes, had immune-system disorders, and suffered skin ulcers year-round. On top of these problems, I experienced frequent migraines and insomnia — I would wake up every 15 minutes and did not have a good night’s rest for over a decade.

Throughout the years, I tried swimming, yoga and other exercises and persisted in receiving treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western medicine, and other modalities, but they were of little help. I was in complete despair for a long period of time.

After practicing meditation for two years, I’ve experienced significant improvements in my health: My doctor reduced my dosage of diabetes medication; I am able to sleep for four to five hours a night; and my ulcers have healed. Energy Bagua has helped me to slim down. I am currently wearing the smallest size of clothing I’ve ever worn in adulthood, and I’m feeling energetic and happy.

Natural Sleep Aid

Before my Energy Bagua regimen, I was in agony from my gout and diabetes-related problems and my life seemed meaningless. I had to refrain from eating meat, seafood, fruit, and even cabbage and cauliflower. I could only blanch the blandest vegetables for my meals, but even the plainest food was difficult to eat. Now, I can eat apples, pears, blueberries, and other fruit; I can even eat some seafood and add seasonings to my dishes. My life has started to become more exciting and enjoyable.

I feel that practicing Energy Bagua at the meditation center is more effective for me than practicing alone at home. After attending three days of classes, I realized that my eyesight had improved a lot. I used to have blurred vision and could only see things in the near distance, but now I can see faraway objects clearly.

All my health indicators are changing for the better. My intake of medication has decreased. The improvement in my health has given me more confidence in Energy Bagua and also brought hope to my life.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.