Ng Gan Quin, Singapore

Energy Bagua is truly amazing. Like rays of sunlight, it brightens up my body and mind and fills my life with vitality and energy. Since the age of 18 I’ve held desk jobs, usually working in front of a computer. The constant stress of making a living for almost 33 years became unbearable; I felt physically strained and mentally burdened. 

My “Mouse Pain” Alleviated

Sudden Onset of Illnesses 

A health checkup in February 2010 revealed there were many fibroids (benign tumors) of different sizes in my uterus. I sought help from TCM physicians. Though my condition improved as a result of consuming medicine and undergoing acupuncture treatments, two tumors remained stubborn. In October of the same year, I began to feel a mild but constant numbing sensation in both hands.

Six months later, on March 2011, the condition worsened: The numbness was accompanied by needle-pricking pain traversing along my palm to the back of my hand, especially in my left. While holding the phone with my left hand, I realized I had a loss of sensation. The numbness and pain would often wake me up at night and disrupt my sleep. A doctor diagnosed my symptoms as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Weekly physiotherapy sessions and acupuncture did not improve my left hand. Desperate for relief, I eventually underwent surgery. Unfortunately, weakness is a post-surgery side effect. My left hand became so weak that it took much effort for simple tasks such as to turning a doorknob or unscrewing a bottle cap. Gastritis and acid reflux were also diminishing my quality of life.

These issues were caused by irregular meals due to my hectic work schedule. When I overate or was not careful with the choice of food such as eating oily food, I would become nauseous and vomit. At my worst, I was sent to the emergency room three times in a week.

Energy Bagua Clears My Uterine Fibroids

A copy of Meditation Health magazine prompted me to visit Bodhi Meditation Center, where I started my Energy Bagua practice in February 2015. Initially, my legs and knees hurt terribly and my hands felt numb. Despite the discomfort, I persevered with the hour-long practice every day. Energy Bagua was my only glimmer of hope for recovery, as other treatments had proven futile. After a month of practice, my hope was fulfilled when the numbness in both hands lessened and I could sleep through the night. 

Two months later, in April, I went to the hospital for my follow-up gynecological appointment. The doctor told me, “Your uterus is clear. There are no more fibroids.” In disbelief, I asked the doctor to verify the diagnosis over and over again. I could not contain my excitement and immediately sent messages sharing the good news to my family and fellow practitioners. 

In time, my left hand regained its strength. In February 2016, my doctor confirmed the physical functions of both hands had recovered. I was over the moon.

I have also recovered from gastritis. My appetite has improved. I shed four kilograms within three months of continual Energy Bagua practice. My face became thinner and my skin brightened up. I felt great physically and looked prettier.

Energy Bagua is truly amazing. Like rays of sunlight, it brightens up my body and mind and fills my life with vitality and energy. It has put me on a path of vibrant health that I never dreamed I would find. Every step along this path brings me joy.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.