Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua
Understand the Way of Nature
Return to the essence
Find truth in the practice
Recognize life’s perfection

01Boost Energy

02 Understand the Way of Nature

03 Improve Vitality

04Develop Wisdom

Energy Bagua integrates movement with stillness, and man with the Nature. It reveals inspiration and wisdom for better understanding of self.

Energy Bagua is the balance of Yin and Yang force, the movement of energy and life. By simply walking around a tree, your health improves, vital energy increases, innate abilities are restored. Walk Energy Bagua and begin a healthy transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Energy Bagua · Energy for Life!

Energy Bagua

Energy for Life!


Energy Bagua can improve your health. While walking and rotating, you absorb energy from Nature. If you practice Energy Bagua with perseverance, you may gain and balance vital energy. In the process, as your physical body rejuvenates, a healthy and happy life is within your grasp.

金菩提上师八卦 Master Jin Bodhi Energy Bagua
太极八卦阵 Yin and Yang energy
Yin Yang

Energy Bagua’s philosophy is applicable to all things in the Universe. All things contain the energy of Yin and Yang, birth and death, good and bad. Yin and Yang energy nourishes all things, fueling growth, transformation and the cycle of life. Energy Bagua automatically balances and adjusts the energy inside and outside of the body. With each step you take in Energy Bagua, you come to understand the laws of Yin and Yang transformation, you flow with Nature and gain fundamental health.

Purity & Perseverance

Energy Bagua trains your powers of perseverance and concentration. The practice calms your body and mind, eliminates impurities in your mind and in life, and generates health. With each circle you walk, your body and mind become one with Heaven and Earth. There is no fatigue, no stiffness, no worries, and no gains or losses.

清净定力 Purity & Perseverance

Founder · Grandmaster JinBodhi


Grandmaster JinBodhi

Visualize a mountain in the distance and be one with the mountain. Step on the ground and be one with the Earth. Go with the Universe; follow the Way; move with the flow of life.

— Grandmaster JinBodhi

Grandmaster and Energy Bagua


and Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi grew up in poverty, suffering the torment of sickness from a young age. To rid himself of illness, the youngGrandmaster JinBodhi continuously searched for ways to gain health until he met Grandmaster Ren. He began to learn Energy Bagua and walked into the world of cultivation. Through the practice of Energy Bagua, the youngGrandmaster JinBodhi was freed from illness and pain, gained purity of body and mind, and walked the path of true cultivation. Grandmaster JinBodhi was the first person to benefit from Energy Bagua.
In order for more people to gain health, Grandmaster JinBodhi integrated the essence of his many years of intensive cultivation into Energy Bagua, which he passes on to those in need. So far, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from practicing Energy Bagua.
走八卦金菩提 Grand master Jinbodhi
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Energy Bagua · Around the World

Energy Bagua

Around the World

八卦内功全球分佈 Energy Bagua · Around the World

Student Stories

Lin Xue Rong · Malaysia

Nine months into walking Energy Bagua, I was no longer plagued by swelling in my legs or shortness of breath. My blood pressure also dropped. My hair returned to being thick and black, and even my husband thought I had dyed my hair.


And I have the drive and vitality to spend quality time with my family. We look forward to weekends full of plans such as hiking, and visits to the zoo and museums. It has been a gift to reconnect with my closest loved ones.

Ai Liang · South Korea

After a month of the walking meditation, the pain in my shoulders and lower back was greatly alleviated. My sleep quality improved and I hardly woke up from pain attacks. With my new infusion of energy and improved concentration, my wish to obtain a full scholarship came true.
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Practice Guide

Malaysia 10th Thousand

In Malaysia’s Thousand-People Energy Bagua Event, around 5000 people listened to the live sharing of the local students.

Q & A on Energy Bagua

For safety, you should not close your eyes while practicing this walking exercise.

Can We Practice in the Rainy Season?

Please remember: We practice three Heats in summer and three Colds in winter.

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